Brittany (Heather Morris) is a Dutch-American cheerleader who joins the glee club with Quinn and Santana in the episode "Showmance". Brittany has not been given a last name by the show's producers. Brittany finds recipes confusing, cheats off learning disabled classmates, sometimes cannot remember her middle name, doesn't know her right hand from her left. It is implied she and Santana have slept together. She mentions in the episode "Bad Reputation" that she has made out with almost everyone in the school - guys and girls alike, and the school janitor. She briefly dates Kurt in the episode "Laryngitis" as he wants to appear more masculine to impress his dad.

Jarrett Wieselman of the New York Post has compared Morris as Brittany to Lynch as Sue, opining that she has "emerged as one of the funniest second bananas on TV right now".Wieselman wrote that since her introduction, Brittany has been given "more and more to do [and] less and less to think", and that the result has been one of the most clueless characters that's ever figured out how to dress herself in the morning. When a promotional clip for the episode "Sectionals" indicated that Brittany and Santana had slept together, Dorothy Snarker, writing for lesbian entertainment website After Ellen, praised the pairing, referring to them by the portmanteau "Brittana." Snarker called the two her "new favourite Glee pairing", commenting that: "While Heather Morris (Brittany) and Naya Rivera (Santana) have had minimal screen time, they’ve made it count. Heather in particular has brought the laughs as the Cheerio least likely to get a Mensa invitation. Never mind Finn and Rachel — I’m on Team Brittana now."